"Europe by Motorcycle" is a long-term travel project taking place in the year 2016. Over the period of a year, a beginner in riding motorcycle who listens to the name Traveling Pat is trying to travel through all countries of Europe.

The search for an exceptional travel project does not always have to be a lenghty issue. I decided quite spontanously to buy a motorcycle. I passed the driver`s test and now dare to do something special with it.

It`s not a dream I always had. But it`s part of a greater goal that has evolved over the last years:

To see the entire world.

Has it ever been done? Sure. I have read about Emilio Scotto who apparently traveled through all countries of the world by motorcycle. And there might be tons of other motorcycle riders who have traveled Europe unnoticed by the public.

But, most European motorcycle travelers just ride to the most rewarding areas in Europe to enjoy the pleasant roads of a particular region. And these shorter travels are rarely part of a bigger picture or project.

The “Europe by Motorcycle” project is the sum of five to six one-month journeys, each starting and ending in Switzerland, my base.

In short: The project`s main goals are

  • to visit 50 European countries in six months,
  • to ride about 35`000 kilometers by motorcycle,
  • to travel on ferries where necessary,
  • not to fly.

The project`s secondary goals are

  • to visit friends,
  • to make new friends,
  • to deal with lonesomeness,
  • to become an experienced motorcycle rider,
  • to become an experienced outdoor cook,
  • to return home unharmed, happy and with lots of interesting storys.

Have I caught your attention? What do you think about this travel project? Do you know other motorcycle riders who have done a similar journey?

Greets Patric Ganz