Northern Europe

Traveling through all countries of Northern Europe is quite a task. I`ve planned three months+ to visit the North, while "the North" includes basically all the countries that are situated north of Switzerland.

Itinerary to Northwestern Europe

Starting in April 2016. Countries to visit: Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scottland. DONE!

total kilometers northwest

Actual Travel distance: 6894 kilometers.
(Travel distance planned: 4500 kilometers)


Itinerary to the North (Part 1)

Starting in June 2016. Countries to visit: Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland. DONE!


Actual Travel Distance: 9646 kilometers.

(Travel distance planned: 10`000 kilometers, including the ferry transfers to and from Iceland).


Itinerary to the North (Part 2) and Northeastern Europe

Delayed! Postponed to 2017! Countries to visit: Liechtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany.

Travel distance: 10`000 kilometers.

Places in Northern Europe

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