Southern Europe

Exploring all the countries of Southern Europe takes time. I head off two times. Once to the South-West, and once to the South-East.

Itinerary to Southwestern Europe

Starting in March 2016. Countries to visit: Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, Monaco, Italy. DONE!

total kilometers southwest europe

Kilometers total: 7379 kilometers.

(Travel distance planned: 6000 kilometers.)

Itinerary to Southeastern Europe

Starting in October 2016. Countries to visit: Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria.

Travel distance: 5800 kilometers.

Places in Southern Europe

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Monaco – a Strange Place on Earth

The Côte d`Azur is a magical coastline in the South of France. However, one tiny part does not belong to France. This is Monaco, an independent sovereign state with approximately 8000 Monegasque only and around 36`000 inhabitants in total (Monte-Carlo.MC). When I entered and left the “state” I couldn`t even find a place-name sign saying that I am actually in Monaco. …

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