Monaco – a Strange Place on Earth

A short stopover in Monaco can`t be totally wrong. However, after only a few hours you might get tired of all this wealth, spatial narrowness and, well, wealth.

The Côte d`Azur is a magical coastline in the South of France. However, one tiny part does not belong to France. This is Monaco, an independent sovereign state with approximately 8000 Monegasque only and around 36`000 inhabitants in total (Monte-Carlo.MC). When I entered and left the “state” I couldn`t even find a place-name sign saying that I am actually in Monaco.

monaco seen from the harbour

Monaco has definitely limited urban space. How Monaco manages to attract so many rich people has certainly nothing to do with the availability of large living space.

monaco limited urban space

Another interesting observation is number of huge (super-expensive) cars. Why on earth would you need a big car in such a small town, sorry, state? It`s the most unhandy means of transport and, still, a great deal of people do not seem to be willing to go without it. Fascinating! The soot deposits from the exhaust fumes can be easily seen when strolling through the streets of Monaco.

soot deposits in monaco

Quite obvious and notable is the density of policemen in Monaco. The people in Monaco seem to have an exceptional need for security.

police in monaco

Furthermore, there`s no shortage of exquisite and large buildings, such as the Casino in Monte-Carlo.

casino of monaco

Visiting Monaco is like entering paradise. The paradise of many. The paradise of many rich people and those who want to be rich once. Monaco is kind of the top of the iceberg of today`s capitalism. Everybody rich. But happy? Without the possibility to leave Monaco on a regular basis to France and Italy, Monaco might be the paradise many people would not want to live in! Including me. If at all.

In short: It`s a strange place on Earth!

And postscript: Monaco was getting ready for it`s biggest event: The Grand Prix de Monaco (see pics bellow).

monaco at work 2 monaco at work

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